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The SMARTUG project is a Research project that the CINTRANAVAL Group is developing in cooperation with the firms SCHOTTEL-GmbH and INDUSTRIAS FERRI.

Cintranaval-Defcar has designed, in collaboration with The Basque Maritime Forum, the following offshore vessels to attend the Brazilian market needs and therefore specifically meeting PETROBRAS technical requirements: PSV 4500, OSRV 1050, AHTS 15000, AHTS 18000 and AHTS 21000.

Cintranaval-Defcar (CND) is designing two modern vessels with an overall length of 49.90m and a width of 15m. Both vessels will feature a 60T bollard pull and 13 knots of maximum speed, for a shallow draft of 3m. Both ships also have a 30 person crew. One ship is to be used as “Anchor Handling Tug and Support Vessel” and the other as “Diving and Maintenance Support Vessel”. The construction of CND-12148 and CND-12149 projects will be performed by the well-known shipyard Grandweld in Dubai for Irshad (ADNOC), as replacement of ships “Mutawa “ and “ Heddi “.