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 The Defcar System includes the following modules:

  • Design Package

                  o    Hull design and fairing with Bezier surfaces               DFForm 

                  o    Parametric Hull definition using Templates                Shipgen

                  o    Naval Architectural Calculations                                DFHydro 


  • Production Package

                  o    Hull Production:

                               -  Curved Surface Plates, Profiles & Jigs             DFShell

                               -  Flat Surface Plates & Profiles                         DFStruc

                               -  Nesting and NC cutting                                  Lantek


         o    Outfitting Production:                                              DFPipe

                               -   Equipment and Fittings Modeller                                                             

                               -   3D Pipe Routing

                               -   Isometrics and spools                                               



  • Onboard

        o    Onboard Stability                                                     DFLoad