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DFLoad Onboard Stability

The Defcar´s on board Calculation Program

DFLoad is a computer tool which has been developed by CINTRANAVAL-DEFCAR, S.L. in collaboration with designing offices and shipping companies. This original module allows captains and shipowners to evaluate stability andresistance of their vessels in any condition. Although, the most common are studied in the Stability Book of the vessel, many special situations are impossible to be predetermined during her service. In those moments is when it is missed a specific tool  to study them. Besides, even the vessel works without incidences, it could be necessary or convenient to know the stability andresistance in a intermediate situation between any two of the defined ones in the Stability book.


DFLoad is suitable to any type and size of vessels: fishing boats, supply vessels, merchant ships, tankers, etc. This adaptability is extended not only to many different calculations, but also to its friendly usage and even to its price.

User-friendly Software

DFLoad has been developed taking into account that the user could be a person not seasoned in using computers. Therefore, its structure is very user-friendly, intuitive and direct. DFload also offers the user a complete help on-line to resolve any doubt.On the other hand, it extends use of facilities of a graphic interface as Microsoft Windows TM


  • Condition of the tanks from the trim of the vessel and sounding line.
  • Draughts, trims and heels for a determined situation of weights.
  • Intact and damaged stability. Check against IMO and tailored criteria.
  • Shearing force and bending moments in any loading condition.

All numerical and graphic results can be seen in the screen, sent to a printer or saved in standard files.

Data Preparation

Any kind of vessel data, as hull design, general arrangement, lightweight, etc.are prepared by CINTRANAVAL-DEFCAR, S.L. from the information supplied by the shipping  company and they are saved, so that they couldn’t be accidentally changed by the user. Series of predetermined loading conditions are also prepared to obtain easily other new ones from them, minimizing the data to be introduced by the user.